Air Freight

Fastrek Express provides air freight services to all locations globally. Although it might be viewed as being more costly than sea freight, it is still crucial for moving of urgent cargo. Did you know that it is more cost effective to ship small volumes of cargo via air freight? 


Because of this, we recognise the fundamental role that air freight plays in many businesses. Therefore, it is important to secure a reliable partner that can transport your goods across the globe, efficiently and at competitive prices. We strive to be that partner for you.


For any enquiries / assistance on our air freight services, please contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at

Sea Freight

Despite the ease of speed that air freight can provide, there is still a high demand for sea freight as a cost-effective mode to ship large volumes with less urgent cargo internationally over long distances.


Besides door-to-door or port-to-port services, our value-added services include palletizing and crating for export, as well as container stuffing and unstuffing.


Additonally, if you are unsure of whether to ship via Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), or if your cargo will be able to fit into a 20' container, we will be able to advise on this and other shipping issues that might arise.


For any enquiries / assistance on our sea freight services, please contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at

Customs Brokerage

Our customs brokers are professionally trained to manage the complexities and regulations of the industry, from communications with related government agencies to ensuring that all permit conditions have been adhered to.


Do away with the hassle of wrong customs declarations, non-compliance and delivery delays by outsourcing your customs clearance needs to us. Contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at today!