In order to meet a growing demand for special cargo storage, Fastrek Express is able to provide 24/7 air-conditioned storage services for such cargo. From art pieces to medical films, there are many types of cargo that require cooler and drier storage away from our naturally hot and humid environment.


Our air-conditioned warehouse also has gauges in place to monitor the temperature and humidity of the area. A copy of the temperature and humidity report can be provided upon request, allowing our customers to be assured that their cargo is stored in an ideal environment.


For any enquiries / assistance on our air-conditioned storage, please contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at enquiry@fastrek.com.sg.


Do you import large quantities of non-dutiable cargo? Manage your cash flow better by storing your cargo in our FTZ warehouse.


GST is suspended upon importation, and only payable upon removal from the FTZ warehouse into the local market. We understand that some companies require their cash flow to maintain day-to-day operations. Such an arrangement may even help to save on the required GST should you eventually decide to have the goods re-exported.


If your cargo is merely in Singapore on transit, we also provide transloading services here.


For any enquiries / assistance on our FTZ warehouse, please contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at enquiry@fastrek.com.sg.


Having storage problems? We can help with a flexible warehousing solution and a comprehensive range of value-added services such as sorting, repacking, labelling, container stuffing/unstuffing, cargo crating/uncrating, disposal services and cargo insurance.


Contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at enquiry@fastrek.com.sg for further assistance.


If you are a liquor trader importing for transloading, local distribution or re-exportation, a cost effective solution can be provided by Fastrek Express.


Dutiable alcoholic beverages can be stored in a Licensed Warehouse with duties and GST suspended, until it is sold in the local market. If the goods are to be transloaded or eventually re-exported, the duties and GST will not have to be paid. 


For traders only looking to sell in the local market, the benefits of storage in a Licensed Warehouse might not be immediately obvious until the peak season or an increase in import quantities.


Due to the high amount of duties and taxes required for large shipments in these cases, a licensed warehouse might then be the best solution to better manage your cash flow.


For any enquiries / assistance on our Licensed Warehouse, please contact us at +65 6841 1345 or email us at enquiry@fastrek.com.sg.


- Over 50,000sqft of warehouse space


- Full warehouse racking setup


- Web-based inventory management system


- Secure warehouse with CCTVs and 24-hour Chubb monitoring


- ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and GDPMDS certified